Does IKEA allow dogs in strollers?

Do you love the Swedish design aesthetic of IKEA and want to share the experience with your closest four-legged friend?

You may have heard that many fashionable canines accompany their owners on shopping trips, but do they allow dogs in strollers at IKEA?

It’s a question as puzzling as trying to assemble that famously tricky wardrobe system – luckily, we’ve got some answers for you.

Read on if you hope to combine a relaxing day out with bubbly, frugal furniture hunting!

Does IKEA allow dogs in strollers

Can I bring my dog with me to IKEA?

Are you looking to give your pup a shopping spree at IKEA?

Unless your pup has its own service dog ID card, it’ll have to stay home while you shop for that new Swedish bookshelf.

So, unfortunately, the answer is no: IKEA isn’t a pup-friendly zone – only registered service dogs are allowed.

What is IKEA’s policy in the USA for dogs?

According to the FDA’s code of federal regulations, no live animals (other than service dogs) are allowed in restaurants.

Your pup must wait outside if you visit IKEA’s dine-in restaurant or cafe.

But it’s not just for their restaurants – IKEA’s official policy does not allow dogs in any part of the store, including their showrooms and customer service areas.

So if you’d like to bring your pup along for fun furniture shopping, you’ll have to leave them comfortable at home.

However, if your four-legged pal is a registered service dog, they can join you in the dining area — but be sure to check with your local IKEA store first!

Can I bring my dog in a stroller to IKEA?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if your dog is in a stroller.

IKEA’s policy still applies, and no animals (other than service dogs) are allowed inside the store.

So if you’re hoping to take your pup on a shopping spree, it must be done from the comfort of your living room!

But don’t worry – with IKEA’s wide selection of furniture and accessories; you won’t have to miss your furry friend too much.

However, registered service animals are always welcomed in IKEA!

From guide dogs to hearing assistance dogs, these beautiful creatures can accompany you while you shop.

Just make sure they have all their proper documentation ready, and your furry friend will be able to join you on your shopping journey — and pick up a few treats at the checkout, too!

With these policies in mind, it’s time for stylish Swedish furniture shopping – and hopefully, no uncomfortable trips to the IKEA customer service desk!

Why is IKEA not pet friendly?

IKEA is pet friendly – it depends on how you look at it.

For example, they said they show their love for pets with a line of products just for them.

But due to safety and health regulations, they can’t allow pets in stores unless they have the proper certification as service animals.

Is there a chance that IKEA will change its pet policy?

IKEA is constantly evaluating its policies, and if there were a chance for them to be more pet friendly in the future, it’d certainly look into it.

Until then, as long as your pup has the proper certifications, it can join you in-store — otherwise, keep them safe and sound at home!

In conclusion

We hope this article has answered your questions — while dogs aren’t allowed in IKEA stores, registered service animals are always welcome!

So if, in any case, you have a service dog in a stroller – you are good to go for an IKEA shopping spree.

And if you don’t, make sure to have your pup safe and sound at home, having a playful day until you return with the new couch!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite IKEA product is and if you have any tips for making the most of your frugal furniture shopping.

Good luck with your furniture hunt!

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Matan Cohen

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